Harden-Offroad, a Menifee, CA based company, was founded in 1987 by Scot and Kristi Harden. It is a motorcycle racing, rider training and event company specializing in the off-road adventure experience. At the core of the the Harden-Offroad philosophy is our passion for, and dedication to, helping other riders realize their off-road adventure dreams. To this extent, we’ve traveled the world over in pursuit of our own dreams and accumulated a vast store of knowledge and information along the way, which we now share with you through Harden-Offroad.

Harden-Offroad welcomes all off-road enthusiasts regardless of motorcycle brand orientation. We invite you all to share our passion for off-road motorcycling. We won’t deny the fact that we “bleed” orange at Harden-Offroad; it’s a natural extension of a very rewarding 16-year relationship I have enjoyed with KTM as a rider and employee. However, when we’re out riding, the only color we see is the trail ahead! Video

Harden-Offroad, is not a subsidiary of KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, KTM North America, Inc., nor its global partners. We are a privately held company. Harden-Offroad does not sell, promote, nor endorse specific KTM dealer outlets. We recommend anyone interested in purchasing KTM motorcycles, parts or accessories to contact a locally authorized KTM sales and service outlet. You’ll find a list of available at ktmusa.com. In addition, the views and opinions expressed on this website are exclusively those of Harden-Offroad and in no way represent those of KTM Sportmotorcycle Ag, KTM North America, Inc., or its partners, nor sponsors of Harden-Offroad.

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Kristi and Scot at the KTM National Dealer Convention in Reno, NV-August, 2004.

Jenny, our official mascot!