Known to the world as the energy drink that "gives you wings", Red Bull stimulates the body and mind and has become a recognized beverage in the athletic and motorsports communities.

KTM is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance "ready to race" motorcycles.

KTM Hard Equipment is an unequaled collection of "works" quality performance components and accessories for the KTM racer and enthusiast. From t-shirts to racing apparel to titanium hard parts, everything in the Hard Equipment collection is guaranteed "Ready to Race".

As an icon in the aftermarket performance area, Southern California based FMF produces custom-made performance exhuast pipes, silencers, and a variety of products specifically for dirt bike racing.

Best In The Desert Inc. Racing is Owned and operated entirely by Casey Folks, with offices at Sportsman Cycle 3475C Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. The entire remaining staff consists largely of volunteer off-road racing enthusiasts dedicated to the sport of racing.  The Philosophy of the organization is to provide top quality, World class Off-Road Racing events, and more importantly to make those events exciting, spectacular, fun, different, well paying, and most of all, affordable.

Two essential elements to good vision are visual acuity, the ability to pick out details, contrast sensitivity, the ability to judge differences in color and to recognize the distance between objects near and far. Improving on these elements is the key to precise optical clarity and enhanced vision.

Offering over 1,500 products to both local and international markets, Swiss based Motorex has produced innovative engine lubricants and care products for over 80 years.

Alpinestars continues to enjoy status as an international icon in the world of motorsports, producing premium footwear, driving gear, riding gear and sportwear.

Founded by Scot Cox in the early 1990's, Resource Marketing is best known for the national advertising and dealer marketing programs it has created for clients such as KTM, the world's leading manufacturer of high performance "ready to race" motorcycles and RK/Excel, the premier brands in motorcycle drive chain and racing wheels.

We started our business in a small Automotive shop in Glendale California doing repairs and setting up suspension for local racers. Our popularity and performance gained momentum in a hurry and we had to move to our current location in Montrose in September of 1974. Starting with 2 employees, we then expanded our line up to include accessories for all facets of off-road motorcycling.