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360 One-to-One Adventure Experience

One of the many benefits of riding for as long as Scot Harden has is that he knows his way around. From guided tours for journalists to the three years he ran tours as General Manager of KTM Adventure Tours, to countless group rides Scot has led, he knows his way around the western desert and wants to share his personal knowledge of all the really cool places there are to see and explore. The 360 One-to-One Adventure Experiences are tailored for small groups of 3-5 riders using their own equipment. Routes, itineraries, and schedules are custom designed for each group. Rides are available in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, Baja, and Southern Utah. The philosophy behind these custom events is to share all the intimate knowledge and details including historical, cultural, geological, and personal racing history Scot has accumulated over 50 years of riding and racing. Designed for off-road, dual-sport, and Adventure motorcycles the 360 One-to-One Adventure Experiences offered by Harden Offroad are unlike any guided tour you will ever take. Ranging anywhere from 3-5 days in length, Harden Offroad takes care of all the logistics including engineering the routes for each day, support truck, hotel, and food accommodations. Those that have ridden with Scot will tell you his passion for the great open spaces combined with his knowledge of each location connects you to the adventure like no other tour can. In fact, calling it a tour doesn’t do it justice, which is why we call them 360 One-to-One Adventure Experiences. These are definitely bucket list adventures.

Adventure Experiences Coming Fall 2023