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360 One-to-One Adventure Experience Philosophy

What is the “360 One-to-One” Adventure Experience Philosophy? Simply put it is a highly personal, fully customized, holistic approach to adventure touring. Over the course of my 45 years in motorcycling as a professional racer, team manager, marketing executive, trainer, coach and guide I have provided adventure tour experiences for thousands of riders, in both small and large groups. Invariably I have always found the following: The larger the group the greater the compromise to the overall benefit, value and ultimately the quality of the time spent together. The “360 One-to-One” Adventure Experience is tailored for maximum benefit and return on investment for every rider that joins me in an adventure tour. Whether its 3, 4 or 5 days our goal is to put together riders of similar capabilities so that we can tailor the length, difficulty and overall challenge of the ride to get the maximum enjoyment out of every rider. “One-to-One” simply highlights the fact the adventure experiences are done in very small groups, ideally just 3 – 7 riders maximum. Come join me. I look forward to sharing everything I know with you from 45 years in the saddle, to help you become the best rider you can be, take you to places, share stories and insight only I can. “360 One-to-One”, come experience a truly life changing adventure experience delivered by a true legend in the sport.

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