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Opening a new powersports business? Thinking about entering the motorcycle market? Have a great new product or service you feel has value? Harden Offroad can help with everything from brainstorming the initial concept, to creating the roadmap for market entry. We have over 40 years of powersports industry experience and rolodex of industry connections big enough to fill a swimming pool. We can help you develop a winning business  strategy, avoid costly side trips and dead end trails and get you to the promised land of profitability. Business is just like racing; its not necessarily the fastest or most aggresive rider that wins but the one that prepares thoroughly, chooses the best lines, rides his own race and remains focused to the end. Kind of like finishing Dakar! 

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Product Development/Historic Innovations

300cc Two Stroke Models- Believe it or not there was a time that 300cc two strokes didn’t exist. That was until 1989 when Scot Harden as Western Region Sales Mgr for KTM America  and KTM President Rod Bush convinced the KTM factory to add a 300cc model to the line. Conventional wisdom was that there was no market for such a product but we knew otherwise. No one understood how a 300cc would fit in with the existing 250cc and Open class structures. As motorcyclists Scot and Rod knew however that a 300cc model  would be just the right combination of lightweight and torque especially for the growing vet class. Begrudgingly KTM management agreed to build the 300cc but only for the US market and in 1990 it launched. To make a long story short the 300cc model proved to be so popular that by the end of the 90’s it was the single biggest selling full size model  in KTM’s line globally and was quickly copied by several other European manufacturers. Scot camnpaigned KTM 300 two strokes exclusively throughout the 90s and raced them in desert, enduro, grand prix, hare scrambles, motocross and long distance off road races proving their versatility. Today its hard to believe the off road world without a 300cc two stroke. 

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