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Opening a new powersports business? Thinking about entering the motorcycle market? Have a great new product or service you feel has value? Harden Offroad can help with everything from brainstorming the initial concept, to creating the roadmap for market entry. We have over 40 years of powersports industry experience and rolodex of industry connections big enough to fill a swimming pool. We can help you develop a winning business  strategy, avoid costly side trips and dead end trails and get you to the promised land of profitability. Business is just like racing; its not necessarily the fastest or most aggresive rider that wins but the one that prepares thoroughly, chooses the best lines, rides his own race and remains focused to the end. Kind of like finishing Dakar! 


Building your brand, communicating your message, creating awareness and driving leads to your business are specialties of Harden Offroad. We have over 30 years experience creating innovative marketing plans, crafting messaging and driving awareness for some of the most iconic brands in the motorcycle industry. We think outside the box combining traditional marketing strategies with the latest in social media and non-traditional means to market your product or service. We derive  as much satisfaction from creating a winning marketing strategy as we do from winning Baja.


Have an interesting new product you want tested? Need someone to give it some real world seat time. Harden Offroad specializes in product development for the motorcycle industry. We know what riders want because we are first and foremost riders ourselves. The success of any new product isn't up to chance. It's the result of many long hours of testing and re-testing  your design, validating your manufacturing process and yes, even your packaging plans, to make sure they are proven and confirmed in advance. We've done product testing for everything from the world's first plastic boot, the Scott boot, to development of complete lines of motorcycles for companies like KTM, Zero and Husqvarna.


Harden Offroad has years of event planning experience. From new model and product launches, to national rider rallies and consumer events to private group affairs, we've organized events, planned  new product launches and coordinated promotional activities all designed to bring consumers, media and industry together to showcase a given company, product or activity. Effective event promotions don't happen by accident. They are the result of hard work, thoughtful planning, staging and coordination between numerous outside vendors and suppliers. From concept, to budget planning to activation, let us help plan your next corporate event.


Harden Offroad has trained over 3000 riders in the art and skill of motorcycle riding. We have developed curriculums for everyone from beginner riders who just want to feel more in control to seasoned pros taking on the world's most demanding off road events. We've helped countless enthusiasts become more competent and assured, avoiding accidents and injuries by fostering proper riding technique and fundamentals. Our training programs are proven with dozens of national off road champions as well as weekend warriors all passing through a Harden Offroad Riding School at one point or another.


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