The Nevada Rally Experience (NRE) is a two-day non-competitive GPS and Roadbook event. It’s a Dual-Sport/Adventure Rally of the highest order. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity tests riding skills and navigation abilities in one of the most awesome, remote high desert and mountain settings in the world. The Great Basin of Nevada. The NRE is as close to competing in an actual “marathon” Raid Rally-style event as you’ll find anywhere this side of Dakar. The course retraces the route of the only marathon raid rally event ever held in the United States, The Nevada Rally, which was promoted from 1993 to 95 by Acerbis and Best in the Desert. Each year the NRE selects a different stage from the old Nevada Rally as its theme. Entrants are provided a Roadbook and GPS route to navigate the stage. The NRE is not a timed event nor is it a race - it’s a highly organized and well-laid-out navigation and riding experience limited to street-legal dual sport and Adventure motorcycles.


2023 Nevada Rally Experience (NRE)

05-01-2023 -9:00 pm
2023 Nevada Rally Experience (NRE)

More Info Coming Soon, 2023

The Nevada Rally Experience is a three-day non-competitive GPS and Roadbook oriented ride for Dual Sport and large displacement Adventure Motorcycles. The NRE is as close to competing in an actual marathon raid rally-style event as you’ll find this side of Dakar. Held in the Great Basin of Nevada, the course retraces the routes used in the Nevada Rally, the only rally event ever held in the U.S. In addition to the event itself, Johnny and Scot provide a seminar in roadbook/GPS navigation before the start of the event. Coming in 2023!

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