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Handstands at 100mph

Handstands at 100mph is a reunion/celebration for the Baja/Desert Racing fraternity hosted by Baja/Desert legends Scot Harden and Johnny Campbell. Its Mission: Honor the history, heritage and legacy of the Baja/Desert Racing community, its past champions, clubs, promoter organizations, events, and companies involved in the sport. Inspire future generations of racers to pursue their own dreams and goals through this quintessentially American form of racing. The inaugural event drew over 350 people. In addition to a reunion/ celebration Handstands at 100mph is also the name of a special Dual Sport ride connected to the event. It is done in a style only Scot Harden and Johnny Campbell can offer.

2022 Handstands at 100mph Baja Borrego Dual Sport Ride

Dec. 9-10th, 2022. Ocotillo Wells, CA

This year’s Handstands at 100mph Dual Sport Ride is a standalone major event. Johnny and Scot have been working one full year with government agencies and private property owners in the Southern California desert to bring you an epic 130-plus-mile Dual Sport Ride that is every bit as challenging as any ride in Baja. Officially called the Handstands at 100mph “Baja Borrego” Dual Sport Ride, this year’s event is sure to go down like a ride to remember. Based out of the Ocotillo RV Resort in Ocotillo Wells, CA the event will include seminars and demonstrations by Johnny and Scot on the finer points of Dual Sport riding, bike set-up, and preparation and will conclude with a group banquet on Saturday night after the ride. In addition, expect several special guests and other legends from the sport to be in attendance. Registration opens on June 15th, 2022.

2022 Handstands at 100mph Reunion and Celebration

Sept. 24th 2022. Blackmore Ranch Murrieta, CA
This year’s Handstands at 100mph will grow from the amazing inaugural event held in 2021 which exceeded all expectations. For 2022 the party will grow even larger as the Handstands mission to honor the history, heritage, and legacy of the Baja/Desert racing fraternity moves to Blackmore Ranch in Murrieta, Ca. There is a full day of activities, special displays, and presentations all focused on bringing the Baja/Desert motorcycle racing community together. Displays, presentations, videos, legendary riders, and clubs that lie at the heart of the Baja/Desert Racing community will be in attendance. Don’t miss out! Registration opens on June 15th, 2022.