35th Annual Motion Pro Nevada 200 Trailride: April 12, 13, & 14, 2019 
An Epic Off Road Adventure Brought to you by Scot Harden & Daryl Folks
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The Nevada 200 began in 1985 as an invitational event hosted by Casey Folks and Scot Harden, two names synonymous with off road racing. It was originally devised simply as an excuse to set a time and date where the two life-long friends could meet and ride each year. Their busy racing schedules and business commitments, plus the distance between them (Scot lives in So. Cal while Casey is a lifelong resident of Las Vegas) made it difficult to get together and enjoy trail riding the way they used to while growing up in Las Vegas, NV. Sadly in 2017 Casey left us and is now promoting off road events in another dimension passing the co-promoting duties on to his eldest son Daryl Folks who along with Scot Harden will help lead the event into the future.

In the early days invitations were circulated by word of mouth to a small number of close riding friends and buddies. As the number of riders grew, Scot and Casey selected the remote eastern Nevada community of Caliente, Nevada as their base. The area around Caliente provided a very unique combination of high desert and mountain terrain that was perfectly suited to the tight, technical nature of the riding they liked most. Over the course of the three-day event, riders experienced every type of terrain imaginable.

Two aspects always highlight the Nevada 200. One: The unbelievable scenery and trail network that the Nevada 200 has pioneered in Lincoln County, Nevada (literally thousands of miles of single track and jeep trails). Two: the tremendous camaraderie and relationships that surround the event.

Snow and Wet Trails
Snow and wet trails are commonplace on the Nevada 200.
Casey Folks Riders Meeting
Casey Folks was and is a legend in off road racing.

Recognized for Over 34 Years of Off Road Excellence

The Nevada 200 has been covered by every major off-road publication and has been rated one of the best trail rides in America for 34 years running. The 2019 Nevada 200 will be held on April 12, 13 & 14 2019. Invitations will be mailed out around the middle of December 2018.

Over the years the reputation of the Nevada 200 grew to the point where by the mid-90s a rider limit was set at 200 of Scot and Casey’s closest friends and associates. In its 34 year history, the Nevada 200 has provided a huge economic influx into the community of Caliente, with over $500,000 in total impact. The local VFW post, motels, gas stations, and restaurants recognize it as one of the premier cash generating events of the year. Additionally, the Nevada 200 has donated over $50,000 to the local schools, sports, and recreation projects and to the city of Caliente. The boost to the local economy and public relations that the Nevada 200 generates sheds a favorable light on all motorcycling and in particular off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition to the great trails, the Nevada 200 is jam-packed with plenty of other activities and includes a Welcome Party after Friday's ride, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, an exquisite lunch on the trail on Saturday and a BBQ dinner and awards party Saturday night. We also provide support trucks, T-shirts, event pins and decals and the craziest Easter Egg hunt with great prizes awarded from all our sponsors. Ask anyone who has ever been on the ride and they will say it is a life changing experience.


Dry lake
The scenic overlook over Dry Lake Valley is a very popular stop on the ride
Easter Egg Hunt
Nevada 200 Trailride Easter Egg Hunt is one of a kind.

Great Sponsors 

The Nevada 200 is also supported by some of the best companies in the business starting with Motion Pro who has been the title sponsor for over 11 years. Joining Motion Pro is KLIM, Seat Concepts, 100%, Beta Motorcycles and Red Bull. All have displays and in many cases special deals on product available only to participants ofg the ride.

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Seat Concepts

The Big Hogback must be seen to be beleived
Who will be the recipient in 2018 of the coveted Whistledick?

The most important thing that can be said about the Nevada 200 is that it is fun……………a lot of fun. It is an extremely well-designed event that offers an exceptionally high-level support for each participant. Simply put, The Nevada 200 is unlike any other off road event on the planet today. Amazing trails, great food, parties, camaraderie, fellowship, and fun are all trademarks of the event. If you are interested in possibly participating please send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list. Invitations are mailed out in December each year. We hope you decide to join us.

Kristi & Jack
Kristi Harden and her big brother and AMA Hall of Famer Jack Johnson
The Guys
A family event (l-r): Brock Harden, Kyle Kellett, Jack Johnson, Scot Harden, Brent Harden



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