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360 One-to-One Rider Training Philosophy

What is the “360 One-to-One” Rider Training Philosophy? Simply put it is a highly personal, fully customized, holistic approach to rider training and development. Over the course of my 45 years in motorcycling as a professional racer, team manager, marketing executive, trainer, coach and guide I have provided rider training for thousands of riders, in both small and large groups. Invariably I have always found the following: The larger the group the greater the compromise to the overall benefit, value and ultimately the quality of the time spent together. The “360 One-to-One” Rider Training Experience is tailored for maximum benefit and return on investment for every rider that joins me in a rider training course. Beginning with the introductory 1-day MSF Dirt Bike and Adventure School curriculums of which Scot is a certified MSF coach/instructor we can provide you the foundation necessary to get you started safely and competently on your two-wheel adventure. For more advanced needs our 2-Day “360” rider training courses refers to the addressing all the “compass” points involved in mastering motorcycle riding, the physical point, the mental point, the technical and spiritual points. “One-to-One” simply highlights the fact the training programs are done in very small groups, ideally just 3 – 7 riders maximum. Come join me. I look forward to sharing everything I know with you from 45 years in the saddle, to help you become the best rider you can be, share stories and insight only I can. “360 One-to-One”, come experience a truly life changing rider training course taught by a true legend in the sport.