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One Day MSF Dirt Bike/Adventure Schools

Our 1-Day riding school is a great way to get started. Like all Harden Offroad 360 One-to-One Riding Schools, the 1-Day MSF Dirt Bike and/or Adventure school focuses on basic riding techniques and motorcycle setup following the proven curriculum established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. We work with riders of all skill levels and ages starting at 6 years of age. Probably the single greatest benefit of attending a 1-Day MSF Dirt Bike or Adventure school is that the rider can, in a very short period of time, learn proper basic techniques and leave with a greater sense of confidence in their core skills. Since we focus just as much on the bike as the rider, the 1-Day riding school is very helpful in getting the bike and rider adjusted to work together optimally. To see the dates of the next MSF School visit our Events Calendar.

Course Curriculum

Covers basic operating skills and principles for negotiating the varying terrain that the sport of off-highway riding involves. Many street riders begin as dirt riders since the physical operating skills are similar, but the dirt environment is more forgiving than the street. This course is conducted entirely outdoors in an off-highway area. It is not a license waiver course. Starting, braking, straight line riding and turning are all covered in the course.

Adventure Schools Coming Fall 2023