Scot Harden raced in Caliente back in the early ’70s and has been putting on an epic trail ride for 35 years, along with his friend Casey Folks and now his son Daryl, who took over when Casey passed.

The Nevada 200 Trail Ride
Does it Get Any Better?

Scot Harden and Daryl Folks lay out a ride that is pure heaven.

Photos by Kinney Jones and the Webb Bros

We here at Dirt Bike have been totally spoiled when it comes to bucket-list trail rides. There have been numerous intros led by Malcolm Smith, the Six Days of Michigan, the Colorado 500, the Soboba Trail Ride, FMF’s Baja Del Mar event, Brian Farnsworth’s Prescott Trail Ride and Cameron Steele’s Beach Bash. We’ve been to invite-only events, on group rides, dual-sport adventures and hundreds of “select group” events ranging from riding with Dick Burleson in the UP, riding with Bill Gusse at his Illinois farm, and riding with Dave Coombs in the hills of Blackwater and Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee.

But, at the top of the heap, one ride always brings a smile to our weath.ered mandibles—the Nevada 200. It was an invitation-only ride that came together when Casey Folks and Scot early ’70s. He dragged Casey to the very secluded outpost, and the two friends went play riding. They decided then and there that no matter what, they would meet every year and ride. They started inviting close friends, and now 35 years later, it’s on the calendar as one of the most diverse off-road rides ever. It makes every participant shudder with anticipation.

The event provides a huge boost to the local economy, generating money for local schools, sports and recreation projects, so it reflects well on the off-road riding community. A three-day ride, the Nevada 200 hosts lots activities and includes a welcome party after Friday’s ride, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, a superb lunch on the trail on Saturday, and a BBQ are given to every rider on the ride.

The terrain of the Nevada 200 offers lots of variety. Lincoln County, Nevada, has thousands of miles of singletrack and Jeep trails. But, the whole point of the ride is the fun fac.tor. Daryl Folks, who took over for Casey when we lost him a few years back, and a team of hard-core riders like Jack Johnson lay out and fully mark the entire three-day event. The terra firma morphs from high-desert washes and singletrack cross-grain to flowing, high-fun-factor woods trails that get up to the 7000-foot level. Scott loves the sand washes coming into the Saturday “big” days finish. They are fast, long and give you insight into what a real desert racer appreciates. There are two available rides led by Scot or Daryl, an A ride and a B ride. Naturally, the A ride has some special tests that Scot, Daryl and Jack have discovered that will test even the most seasoned rider.

This year’s ride, as with many in the past, got a good helping of moisture that made for perfect traction. Friday’s participants got hit with a dose of hail, sleet and rain, so for Saturday, the dirt was ideal. It was cool enough to require a vest or jacket, and the ride packed enough punch to test everyone’s ability, machine setup and stamina.

The Nevada 200 had open entries this year and is heavily supported by Motion Pro, who has been the title sponsor for over 11 years. Joining Motion Pro are Klim, Seat Concepts, 100%, Beta Motorcycles and Red Bull. All were on hand with displays and, in many cases, special deals on products available only to participants of the ride.




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