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Kristi Harden Real Estate

Kristi Harden Real Estate is an award winning real estate group serving the Temecula Valley, Inland Empire and greater Southern California real estate market. In business since 2005 Kristi Harden has built a reputation for her attention to detail, exceptional communication skills and ability to solve problems in a complicated real estate environment. She specializes in the moto industry with clients such as Zach Osborne, Ricky Johnson, The McGrath family and Doc Edwards to name just a few. Her previous clients are her strongest advocates helping her to build a very successful real estate business based exstensively on referrals and word of mouth.

Dr. Johnathan Edwards

Dr. Johnathan “Doc” Edwards knows what it takes to excel at today’s highest levels of athletic competition. A nutritional advisor for professional and amateur athletes and an accomplished author and regular contributor for nationally syndicated magazines like Road Bike Action and Adventure Bike Rider, Doc Edwards focuses on sports nutrition and enabling athletes to optimize their performance. A former up and coming professional motocross racer Dr. Edwards is well known as the “Dakar Doc” for his personal involvement in the Red Bull KTM US Dakar effort and for helping riders like Scot Harden, Chris Blais and Zach Osborne reach their full potential as riders. His blog features the latest in personal training, health and well-being as well as stories from the world of sports and moto.

Upshift Online

Upshift is the world’s premier adventure, dual sport and off-road website and digital magazine founded by world renowned motorsports photo-journalist Simon Cudby. Dedicated to the adventure and off-road lifestyle Upshift showcases the latest technical information, interviews, travel reports and product reviews all designed with the spirit of two-wheeled travel and adventure in mind. Upshift is a visual feast regularly not only featuring some of the best photography on the planet but also bringing home some of the best reporting from exotic locations all over the earth. If you can ride a motorcycle there Upshift covers it.


VOOM is an innovative InsurTech company, creating next-gen insurance products for New-Mobility segments. Their expertise lies in various mobility verticals across various platforms, including drones, light planes, e-scooters, modern fleets, and motorcycles. Their Pay Per Mile insurance program for motorcycles is helping lower costs for riders that ride infrequently, seasonally or have several motorcycles in their personal fleet. Riders report mileage simply by sending a picture of their odometer so no hardware or tracking is involved.

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