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Enters first desert race. Advances rapidly from novice to expert class. Wins first of three MRAN (Motorcycle Racing Assoc. of Nevada) desert series #1 plates


As a factory rider for Husqvarna sets record for consecutive SCORE Overalls. Wins the SCORE Baja 1000, the Baja 500, Parker 400(2X) and Mexicali 300. Wins San Gabriel Valley MC B to V Hare & Hound overall. Marries best friend and partner, Kristi Harden in 1979.


Represents USA in ISDE competition winning silver, gold and bronze medals in France, Italy and Czechoslovakia. Finishes 2nd Overall in ISDE World Team Trophy competition in Czechoslovakia. Works with sponsors MSR, Scott boots and Jones Goggles developing the next generation of off road gear.


Over the course of my life in motorcycling I have traveled an amazing road...

...walking a line between being a highly successful AMA Hall of Fame off road racer along with being a corporate executive in companies including KTM, Husqvarna, Zero Motorcycles, and BMW. 
Through this journey, I have learned a lot about the motorcycle business, met many great people, and have enjoyed experiences and relationships that have made me the person I am today. From multiple overall wins at the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 to winning Raid Rallies in North Africa to crossing the finish line at Dakar to creating new products, new companies, and new brands I'm extremely grateful for the wide range of opportunities and experiences I've been blessed to be associated with. No matter the size of the challenge I've always reached for the highest rung on the ladder and, while failing gloriously at times, I never let the fear of failure guide me. I would love to meet you and potentially work with you or your company, to see if my knowledge and experience can be of benefit to helping you achieve your goals and aspirations as a rider, business manager, or entrepreneur.


M/C industry career begins. Joins Husqvarna Motor Corp as Husky Products/SW Region Sales/Desert-Off Road Team Mgr. Adds to overall race win totals: 8 overall wins in SCORE Baja & 4 overall wins in BITD LV 400. Becomes National Sales Mgr. for Cagiva North America. Drafts strategic plan to combine the Husqvarna, Ducati and Cagiva brands under one roof.


With lifelong friend Casey Folks holds first Nevada 200 Trailride. Raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for Caliente, NV in 33-year history of event. Working with BLM opens thousands of miles of approved OHV trail in Lincoln County, Nevada.


Embarks on Rally career. Becomes first American to win a marathon Raid Rally in North Africa, the 1987 Djerba Rally in Tunisia. Finishes 2nd OA at the Rally De Atlas in Morocco and 3rd OA at the Incas Rally in Peru in 1988. Launches Harden Offroad.



Joins KTM America, Inc as Western Region Sales Mgr. Convinces KTM to build the first 300cc two-stroke model as well as the largest Open Class two-stroke ever mass-produced the KTM 540 D/XC. Helps lead KTM through bankruptcy and sets KTM on a solid foundation for future growth.


As VP of Marketing and Communications for KTM Sportmotorcyle USA, Inc. develops the KTM Sportmini line as well as the KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge to promote youth motocross competition. Awarded the AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image award. KTM turnover skyrockets from $10M annually to $140M annually.


As VP Media Relations and KTM/Red Bull US Dakar Team Mgr. organizes the KTM/Red Bull Dakar Rider Search Challenge to develop future American stars of Dakar. Selects Chris Blais and Kellon Walch as teammates. In 2004/05 competes in Dakar Rally as Racer/Team Mgr. running as high as 8th overall in 2004. Finishes 17th overall in 2005 at the age of 49. Chris Blais finishes on the podium in 2007 Dakar.


FiveX - Hall of Famer

50 Years of Fast

Scot Harden has enjoyed a 50-year career as a world champion off-road racer and motorcycle industry executive compiling a record few can match….……..


As General Manager KTM Adventure Tours North America primes what would become a booming adventure motorcycle market including hosting the first three KTM North America Adventure Rider Rallies.


Returns to Husqvarna as Marketing Director under BMW ownership. Assigned with reinvigorating brand, dealer network and product line. Inducted into AMA Hall of Fame in 2008 becoming only the third desert racer in history to be so recognized.


Joins Zero Motorcycles as VP Global Marketing. Tasked with developing credibility and awareness for electric motorcycle start-up. Zero’s profile grows immensely, web traffic triples and profile within the industry rises. Recipient of the AMA Bessie Stringfield New Market Pioneer Award.



Scot works with various companies and media on special projects. He continues to ride on a regular basis and to share his passion and experience with others.